Craig McLachlan & Andy Penkow Live

Craig McLachlan & Andy Penkow Live

Friday 9th August

Doors at 6pm

Tickets From $40

Craig McLachlan and Andy Penkow connected through mutual friends last year and hit it off immediately. In February, the duo played an intimate show together in Sydney to a sold out crowd, which was followed by hundreds of messages on social media requesting them to go on a tour.

So here we are… The “About Time Tour” is an intimate acoustic experience for fans of Craig and Andy. With a limited number of shows in smaller venues, audience members can expect to be up close and personal with these talented musicians, feeling as though they are part of a private jam session. The stripped-down, raw acoustic sound allows for a genuine connection between Craig, Andy and their fans, creating a special and memorable atmosphere. Penkow said the name of the tour is a reference to a song that he and Craig are working on. Andy was approached by a friend and former Band manager of the “Screaming Jets” Anthony Thomas to rework a song that his brother had written. The song will be a feature of the tour and will be released later in the year.

Penkow also thought “About Time’ was an appropriate name for the tour given it’s been decades since McLachlan enjoyed communing with audiences in such intimate settings. Having been strummin’ & pickin’ for most of his life, Craig say’s he’s “itching” to get back to where it all started for him as a performer, just fingers on a fretboard & good tune or two! He added that, the opportunity to share this experience with Andy was something he simply couldn’t say no to! Penkow states: “Music is my life and I’ve worked really hard building my career over the past 10 years in Australia as a country blues, folk and contemporary singer-songwriter. I’m currently based in Canada promoting my 4th studio album, Shades On Me, but I’m very excited to return to Australia to record and tour with Craig. He’s a true gentleman, super supportive and extremely generous with his time and knowledge.” Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to experience the magic of live acoustic music up close and personal with Craig and Andy on the “About Time Tour”.

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